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Compotacustico is an audio and music creation space for video games.

It is created and directed by Marina Picaporte, music composer and sound designer from Zaragoza, Spain.

We can CREATE, ADAPT and IMPLEMENT your sound idea for your game.

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Music skills:

• Music for any type of video game e.g.: action, adventures, role, simulation, strategy, sports, puzzle, idle...

• Different music genres for video games such as: epic, fantasy, action, thriller, suspense, drama, romantic, minimalism, chiptune...

Sound skills:

Ambiences for any kind of video game.

FX for different kind of video game.

• Make voices to different kind of video game.


• Implement the sound and music in the game engines by middleware.


Music Composition 

(Superior Music Conservatory

of Aragon, Spain)

estudios roma.png

Voice Actress Junior 

(Roma Studio, Zaragoza)

Music for Video Games

(Spanish General Society of Authors and Editors)

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